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Location Madrid (ES)
Date 2018
Status Ongoing project

Project team Jhis Escobar & Salomé Wackernagel

Cosmo•Lav is an architectural and sculptural object that have been conceived to illuminate the inner garden of the Tabacalera of Lavapiés in Madrid. The symbolic totem figure is built with recycled materials from the place. During the last ten years, the self-organised space of the Tabacalera transformed itself into a space for artistic production, but also a social and political laboratory. A transversal place of encounter and festivity, where excess is accepted, even if it sometimes leads to confrontation.
The patio connects the different collectives that are present on site, as well as the heterogeneous population of the neighbourhood of Lavapiés – tourists, migrants, artists and night time friends. It’s a hidden heterotopia in the center of Madrid, an essential place of meeting and conflict.

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