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Location Madrid & Pamplona (ES)
Date 2019
Status Project completed

Photo credits Román Rey Arias

Project team Jhis Escobar & Salomé Wackernagel

→ See also: Nubapp

Conception & realisation of various furniture elements and decoration for the office spaces of Nubapp S.L. in Pamplona: a 4 meters long, high meeting table, a high "bistrot" style table, a wooden logo especially designed for the client by M S Studio, and walls & flooring made of artificial blue grass, in accordance with the client's graphical identity. The bespoke furniture elements are made of solid pine wood with brass details, the table surfaces are covered with white lacquer. The combination of electric blue with bright, white surfaces, brass touches and the natural aspect of the pine wood in a high sense of detail make this office furniture and design special for their users.

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