Location Zürich (CH)
Dates Construction 1938 - Renovation 2018

Surface 18 apartments · 58 - 74m2
Status Project completed

Photo credits Philipp Obkircher

Project team Salomé Wackernagel, Stefan Ganz (Ganz Installationen AG), MK Bauleitungen, Miniti GmbH, Loosli Küchen AG, Arte della Casa Bautechnik GmbH

The house is located in a central area of Zurich which was part of a large construction programm in the late 30's, following the social modernist principles of small but affordable flats providing all the modern comfort. Nowadays, a lot of these low-rise, modest buildings are progressively replaced by larger construction programms.
The idea was here to preserve the initial construction which has real urbanistic and living qualities for modern, urban dwellers living in small family constellations. As the house has almost not been touched since its construction, a full renovation of the wet rooms, plumbing, electricity and heating system was necessary. The actual renters could stay in their flats during the work period and the rental prices stay below market prices after the renovation. The clients were convinced to preserve the house with a qualitative design playing with the aesthetic line of the 1930's - geometric compositions, original furnitures and colourful combinations.

Architectural designer & researcher

Master of Arts in Architecture