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Location Berlin (DE)
Dates Construction 1930 - Renovation 2019

Surface 74m2
Status Project completed

Photo credits José Alburquerque

Project team Mathilde Gudefin & Salomé Wackernagel · M S Studio, Fa. Kubicka

This bright apartment under Pankow’s rooftops offered a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen before renovation. The starting point of the project has been to install an open kitchen in the large living room, in order to obtain an additional bedroom.
Soft pastel, water green and pink tones: these key colours have been applied in the kitchen and water rooms throughout the tiles and wall paintings.
Always, the minerality of the tiles is combined with wooden furniture and embraces the softness of the spaces. The new floor in massive wood adds warmth to the living room. The black faucet and kitchen elements contrast with the green tones and the whiteness of the porcelain. The lighting in touches of black and light green complete the transformation of the spaces.

Architectural designer & researcher

Master of Arts in Architecture

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