Repensar • Etxa


Location Etxabakoitz, Pamplona (ES)
Date 2018-2019
Status Project completed

Photo credits Mirari Echavarri, Gorka Beunza

Video credits Maddi Barber

Project team Ioar Cabodevilla Antoñana, Itxaso Iturrioz Zuluaga, Xabi Urroz Zabalza · Orekari Estudio, Salomé Wackernagel · Enter This

Support Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte (CACH) • Innnova Cultural Navarra 2018

→ Part of the process: Repensar la Periferia


2019 · Espai Souvenir, Barcelona

"Having the opportunity to follow Itxaso, Salomé and Xabi over a period of time, it becomes obvious, that they are not only professionals in terms of constructing, handling materials and planning a building process, but they are knowledgeable and talented in drafting moments of celebration, joint creative acts and exploration. It is based on people skills, a lived attitude of collaboration, a joy to experiment, trust in team processes and vision. (...)
The bubble intrigued through its beauty: shiny plastic surfaces, bright colours of red, black and transparent and the clear shape of an oval majestic dome, standing freely on the football ground. It attracted people from all directions, people who saw the object from afar, people who called their friends to come and join, neighbours who were curious about its beautiful strange appearance. (...)
Projects like ‘Repensar la Periferia/Rethinking the Periphery’ can use their utopian potential to offer and demonstrate convivial, smart and useful models and strategies of local change."
Susanne Bosch, Peripheric Agendas