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Repensar • Huarte

Location Huarte (ES)
Date 2017-2018
Status Project completed

Photo credits Mirari Echavarri, Gorka Beunza

Video credits María Garcia Marraco

Project team Ioar Cabodevilla Antoñana, Itxaso Iturrioz Zuluaga, Xabi Urroz Zabalza · Orekari Estudio, Florian Rizek, Salomé Wackernagel · Enter This, Mario Pérez Azcona, Uxue Pérez de Pipaón, Maddi Berraondo + Inhabitants of Huarte

Support Georg Zolchow (Hablar en Arte), Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP), Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte (CACH)

→ Part of the process: Repensar la Periferia


2022 · Anabata

2020 • Archdaily

2018 · El Recetario


Building of the Year 2021 Archdaily Award in the category Small Scale and Installations

The starting point of the whole Repensar la Periferia  process has been a three months collaborative residency of the architecture collectives Enter This (Berlin/Vienna) and Orekari Estudio (Pamplona) organised by Hablar En Arte and the European programme CAPP (Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme) at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte.
This building, completely disproportionate in relation to its surroundings, has been built ten years ago at the entrance of the small town of Huarte. In order to decentralise the culture, it has deliberately been built outside of Pamplona. However, for the inhabitants of the village, the “black box”, as they name it, remains a pure product of the real-estate bubble and the years of crisis which followed. The cultural and artistic reach of the Centro Huarte has suffered a lot from this situation, and remains limited. During the project Repensar el Contenedor (Rethinking the Container), we organised design and construction workshops in which we built together with the community two mobile architectures, the Totems. The Totems are satellites of the Centro Huarte, which allow to create more interactions between the cultural insitution and the inhabitants.

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