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Repensar la Periferia • Expo


Location Pamplona (ES)
Dates May-June 2021

Surface 400m2
Status Project completed

Project team Ioar Cabodevilla Antoñana, Itxaso Iturrioz Zuluaga, Xabi Urroz Zabalza · Orekari Estudio &

Salomé Wackernagel

Support Ayuntamiento de Pamplona • Colegio de Arquitectos Vasco-Navarro - COAVN Navarra • Innnova Cultural - Fundación la Caixa, Fundación Caja Navarra

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Repensar · Publication Huarte

Repensar · Publication Etxa

Repensar · Prints


2021 • COAVN Navarra

2021 • Pamplona es Cultura

2021 • Diario de Navarra

The exhibition is a lively retrospective of the process initiated in the peripheries with our project Rethinking the Periphery [Repensar la Periferia]. The exhibition was held in the central exhibition space of the Ciudadela de Pamplona between the 20st of May and the 27 th of June 2021, with the support of the Pamplona City Council and the Chamber of Architects of Basque Counrty and Navarre (COAVN), and was accompanied by a series of conferences entitled Culture and City [Cultura y Ciudad].

The scenographic approach sublimates the exhibition space, making the verticality of the rooms disappear in a geometric composition of structures made of solid pine wood, symbolising an urban, peripheral and polymorphic space. These artefacts serve as an original, three-dimensional exhibition surface, allowing the work carried out in the outskirts to be recreated in this central and historic exhbition space. The simple and geometric museography, leaving the wood raw and the assembly process visible, refers to an aesthetic close to Arte povera. The compositions on the exhibition panels give its rhythm to the itinerary - the publications of each intervention are exhibited, published in risograph print, a colourful and sustainable printing technique.

The exhibition space is divided into 3 areas corresponding to 3 typologies of Rethinking the Periphery: the agricultural periphery, the urban periphery and the periphery still under construction, representing the atmosphere of these iconic and marginal places on a local and European scale, and tracing back the interventions of visual artists, researchers, performers, musicians, dancers and choreographers, as well as the contributions of professional photographers and videographers. chronologically unfolding the process of Rethinking the Periphery in the different peripheries.

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