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Repensar la Periferia

Repensar la Periferia (Rethinking the Periphery) is an innovative cultural mediation project which has been developed on the basis of a collaborative architecture process. Starting from the little town of Huarte and its regional contemporary art center, the project aims to reactivate through an urbanist reflexion as well as through artistic and cultural interventions four very different territories of the periphery of Pamplona.
The key element of the project is the activation of the mobile elements for cultural action that have been developed throughout the four phases  – the Totems, the Burbuja, the Poliedros and the Conectores. These have been conceived with the primary objective of the democratisation of culture.
The implementation in the four suburban areas took place during several months in every neighbourhood, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project. A cycle of workshops and events (participative and creative workshops, public presentations and screenings…) consolidate the visibility of the project on a long-term basis in the cultural landscape of the agglomeration of Pamplona. Artists, architects and researchers are invited to contribute to the project, together with the inhabitants of the peripheric neighbourhoods and exchange about their own experience in similar contexts on a national and international scale. Thus, the project is led to link the ways of thinking the periphery on a local, regional and global scale.

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