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Repensar • Prints

Location Periphery of Pamplona (ES)
Date 2020-21
Status Project ongoing

Layout & Design Orekari Estudio & Salomé Wackernagel

Graphic design is a way to share our knowledge about self-construction and cultural activation in the public space - here you can purchase nice risograph posters showing our Giant Bubble or our Tótems!

Numbered limited edition of 25 copies each • Three ink risograph print • DIN A3 • Recycled Nautilus paper 300g •  15€ /unit + shipping costs

→ Here to the Repensar Publication · Vol. 1 · Huarte

→ Here to the Repensar Publication · Vol. 2 · Etxa

→ Part of the process: Repensar la Periferia

Architectural designer & researcher

Master of Arts in Architecture

©2024 · Salomé Wackernagel · Architecture

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