Repensar • Publication Vol.2 • Etxabakoitz

Location Periphery of Pamplona (ES)
Date 2020-21
Status Project ongoing

Authors Ioar Cabodevilla Antoñana, Itxaso Iturrioz Zuluaga, Xabi Urroz Zabalza, Salomé Wackernagel

Editors Orekari Estudio & Enter This, Architects

Layout & Design Orekari Estudio & Salomé Wackernagel

Photo credits Gorka Beunza, Mirari Echavarri, Maddi Barber

Languages Spanish & Basque

ISBN 978-84-09-23841-5


2020 • New Generations Platform

Our Repensar la Periferia [Rethinking the Periphery] publication covers the four years of the project since 2016, and is divided in 4 volumes: the second one covers the process in the popular neighbourhood of Etxabakoitz and the participative conception of the “Burbuja Gigante” (Giant Bubble). Repensar la Periferia raises the question of the city’s relationship to its surrounding territory in our post-industrial, Anthropocene era.

This publication has been financed with the Grants for Publication (Ayudas a la Publicación) of the Contemporary Art Centre of Huarte (CACH), 2020

Risograph print in 3 colours • 82 pages • Nautilus recycled paper 120g / cover 300g • Glued binding • DIN A5 • from the series Repensar la Periferia in Pamplona·Iruña •  18€ + shipping costs

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