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R U R A P O L I S - Rethinking the periphery from the rural ruins in the Pre-Pyrenees. The project's research proposal outlines a possible reversal of the urban sprawl phenomenon: rethinking the city from the countryside, in the perspective of exploring and projecting a territorial development model adapted to present and future societal and climatic contingencies. This project hypothesis finds its anchorage in the strong presence of rural ruins in the area under study, located between the Spanish regions of Navarre and Aragon, along the Pyrenees mountain range. Throughout Europe, the depopulation of villages has accelerated with demographic decline, but is now being challenged by the issues brought about by climate change. The aim of this research project is to build and theorise an 'rurapolis' composed of rural clusters. This page shows the evolution of the research project, the references and interrogations that arise during the process. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested by the thematic.

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